Remedial - Insurance

For remedial and insurance work we discuss and determine sub-standard building practices and poor workmanship with owners and insurers to clarify the best solution for rectification works.

In urgent situations our factory prefabrication in possible storm effected situations to begin structural or temporary works off site for a fast resolution in emergency’s while future remedial & rebuilding can be planned.

Please view our prefabrication section and brochure to understand our capabilities for quick response and to construct and deliver in remote location or difficult access areas.

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35 – 39 Auburn Rd Auburn

Scarf Family

The Auburn project required remedial works to comply with council subdivision requirements, but all aspects of an existing building fell outside of BCA & NCC codes and required a timely process in a building constructed in the early 1900’s to comply with current legislation from disability access and lifts while working within existing zones and public entry ways.

Automated entries and integrated fire services throughout the building

Solutions to rectify water penetrations to roof and existing box gutters 

256 Park Road Regents Park

Tony Lazzaro

2 buildings required a report on water issues and to determine best approach to rectify leaks to sawtooth roof box gutters and flashings as access to roof sections required correct safe working methods put in place prior to commencement of work.

Works required replacement of flashings all screws to saw tooth roofs, re-flash and seal joins to all box gutters and under laps to flat roof areas

Bondi Beach Apartments

Above Adina Apartment Complex

Due to high winds all timber screening was prefabricated in sections for a fast install to protect perimeter windows from floor to ceiling to be removed and re-flashed

Due to decay in sections of timber decking boards had to be stripped with sub frame repaired, joists with new top flashings and boards numbered for re-installation   

New Apartment Building

Herring Road Macquarie Park

The mains stormwater pipe was leaking back through the concrete support beam to basement.

Cameras were inserted into the pipes with a recording of damage logged and sent back to the client to determine extent of works required.

Re-sleaving of pipes were carried to ensure a successful outcome for owners.

Issues similar to this for sewer, stormwater and especially cracks in the slabs require urgent attention as lime from the concrete eats away paint to cars causing further issues and insurance claims

5A Carlton Street Manly   

Carry out building report on water issues to level 1 apartment effecting ground floor and submit to body co-orporation

Areas to bathroom and lower level effected with remedial works carried out prior to major renovation of upper level bathroom an rooms below

Re-Cladding & External Upgrade

Re-cladding of offices and apartments has become a major issue due to fire rating requirements or alternate upgrades.

The process requires competent trades familiar with correct building procedures and flashing to ensure quality work is carried out.

We understand client relations with delicate projects of this nature due to the number of people it effects who require an efficient and timely outcome  

Sydney Storm Cherrybrook Home

This is where our business comes into its own for fast response on site with selected trades

This procedure can apply to multiple sites effected to supply trades with pre-cut materials, building sections or modular structures

With disruptions in emergency situations access alone is difficult but with our approach work can commence off site immediately in preparation.

Everleigh Carriage Works


Refurbish damaged doors to 13 openings accessed by trains before it was transformed into performing arts some years ago

13 openings 4800 mm high x 4 metres wide  with 2  of doors per/openings

Doors were removed with damage sections replaced and bought back to working order  

Coney Island & Crystal Palace

Multiplex - Investa Group

Remedial works to face of Coney Island and Crystal Palace due to decay to existing arches finishes & trims

Significant decay was evident and required recutting of arches and new trims to Coney Island with work also carried out by removing trims replacing sections of arches to Crystal Palace


Fast response time with licenced trades & the ability to prefabricate in disaster relief situations


  • Facade cladding
  • Membrane
  • Structural timber & steel rectification
  • Building upgrades


  • Water - fire
  • Floors & walls
  • Structural rectification
  • Internal finishes

We Offer

  • Partner in the process
  • Adding value
  • Discuss Process
  • Alternate Solutions
  • Safe procedures & quality assurance
  • Quality contractors & suppliers