Prefab & Modular Solutions

What we offer

  • Structural building sections & replacement
  • Steel & Hardwood structures
  • Detail finishes
  • Remedial rectification
  • Transportable buildings & displays


  • Architects & designers
  • Home owners
  • Commercial & residential
  • Construction & building companies
  • Real estate


  • Site measure & detail sketch for approval
  • Construct in modular sections or kit form off site
  • Deliver & install
  • 90 % less time on site
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Gow street Abbotsford

Foreshore Pergola / Vergola
  • Structure prefabricated in our factory with finished coats and all cut outs
  • Delivered Installed and complete in 1 day

Macquarie Park

Structural Steel & Hardwood Shade structure
  • Support structure in stainless steel sandwiched between 200 x 100 Blackbutt timbers with timber screening and finished coats applied off site
  • The 12 m long x 8 m wide x 3.4 m high shade structure was installed in 4 days

The Marsden Brewery

Marsden Park
  • Outdoor hardwood seating & timber screens with bar surrounds prefabricated off site
  • Delivered and installed with finished coats applied – 6 days

The Locker Room Bar & Hotel

Olympic Park Homebush
  • Prefab stainless steel out door planters and Blackbutt Seating
  • Sketch detail and pricing submitted to client for approval prior to commencement
  • Stainless with Blackbutt secret fixing constructed in modules and installed in 4 days

Wollongong University

  • Prefab stainless steel and secret fix Blackbutt seating
  • Manufactured off site and delivered and installed in 3 hrs

Wollongong University

Outdoor Learning platform & seating
  • Prefabricated in modular sections  and transported to site
  • Excavation for concrete footing and steel support piers installed in 4 days.

West Ryde apartments

Above Coles Shopping
  • Prefab decking modules in Spotted Gum installed on adjustable pedestals
  • A fast and efficient process installed in 1 day with finished coats applied

18 Weaver Street Ryde

  • Prefab timber posts & beams cut to correct size and housed out with timber capitals installed
  • Handrails prefabricated off site
  • Roof framing pre-cut, painted and delivered
  • Highlight French doors pre-hung with sills and architraves cut  
  • Floor framing to deck pre-cut ready for install

10 A Coffey Street Ermington

  • Prefab outdoor shade structure and BBQ area
  • Manufactured off site with finished paint coats installed in 1 day
  • The process limits the impact on tenants and landlords

Boat House at 20 Pacific Street

Watsons Bay
  • Due to very difficult access on a steep sandstone house block the boat house was prefabricated off site and delivered in kit form

Prefab 1 Bedroom Modular Home

Delivered to Orangeville near Cobbity Farm
  • Engineered and prefabricated out of gal steel box section & treated timber framing
  • Complete with poly kitchens – Laundry – Frameless glass walk-in shower
  • Led downlights – Safety switch boards – Aircon with outlets ready for direct connection
  • Installed on metal piers and all services connected in - 8 hrs

Chatswood Apartments

Help Street Chatswood
  • Polished Spotted Gum timber screening prefabricated and polished off site in 600 mm wide panels.
  • Delivered and installed in 1 day


Send your designs for pricing - We site measure, prefab, and install

The prefab process, our way of thinking


  • Residential
  • Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • D.I.Y.
  • Builders

Modular Solutions Prefabricated to make the Job easy

  • Decks & T&G floors in modular pre-finished sections ready for delivery.
  • Timber screens in Australian hardwoods & Oak in prefinished sections
  • Pre-cut outdoor sheds & living areas with cladding ready to erect
  • Pre-made timber stairs in hardwoods or pine ready for delivery
  • Outdoor structures and covered areas.
  • Repairs & maintenance

Prefab Solutions

  • We listen to our clients
  • Alternate prefabricated building ideas
  • Proceed with sketch options and costings
  • Commence Fabrication off site. Deliver & Install