About Us

Osta was established in 1989 as a building & timber work company committed to delivering a well managed and quality experience specializing in the use of structural steel & exposed Australian hardwoods to deliver unique open plan design highlighting traditional building finishes blending in with new designs

We Specialize in the Following



  • Single Level Homes & Detail Structures
  • Exposed Steel & Australian Hardwood Frames & detail Finishes
  • Home Office - Pool Cabanas - Shade Structures - Disability
  • Entertaining


  • Heritage
  • Remedial 
  • Park shelters 
  • Amenities
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Insurance

Australian Hardwood timber structures & detail finishes 

  • Australian hardwood & steel structures in prefab or kit form 
  • Detailed hardwood interior finishes
  • Anything in recycled - Reclaimed - New hardwoods  

Prefab structural steel & hardwood pergola